Haiti Trip Student Testimonials

Salonee“Haiti: Where people live in harmony, love, hope, and peace with what they have. This was the place where I learned to respect and value things that I have and what my parents gave me in order to live a successful, healthy life. Whether it is food, health, materialistic things, etc., you don’t realize the importance of what you have (luxury) until you see someone surviving or living without these things.

“During my stay in Haiti, I have received unconditional love from the people of Haiti and children at Be like Brit. Those seven days I spent in Haiti were the most amazing, eye-opening, and unforgettable days of my life thus far.

“I would like to thank Becker College and Be Like Brit for giving me this opportunity, and also my teammates for making this trip even more memorable.” – Salonee Parikh

bridgette-hillman-haiti-trip“Traveling to Haiti as a Be Like Brit Britsionary was one of the most eye-opening and life-changing  experiences. I loved and miss every second of my time spent in Haiti, both at BLB and doing community outreach. My life has been forever touched by my experiences and people I met. My heart will always be in Haiti.” – Brigette Hillman

Tiffany-Sonnier-Haiti-Trip“My experience at BLB in Haiti has changed me forever in the best way possible. From now on I will continually strive to be a better person, daughter, student, and friend. I will try my best to continue Britney’s compassion.” – Tiffany Sonnier

Mike Spindler BLB picture“On a mountain in the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere is a place richer in love and compassion than anywhere I’ve ever known.” – Michael Spindler

Sarah-Duchesne-Haiti-Trip“Upon my return everyone has been asking me ‘Wasn’t all the poverty depressing?’ No. It wasn’t. Even though the poverty is shocking at first, I have never met such happy, grateful people in my entire life.” – Sarah Duchesne

Brittany-Cormier-Haiti-Trip“This was definitely a life changing experience that no one can understand until it happens to them. The people–especially of Haiti and the BLB orphanage–will stay in your heart forever. Their kindness, faith, and happiness captures your heart more every day you spend there. I highly suggest this trip to everyone because this experience will change anyone in a thousand different ways.” – Brittany Cormier

Andrew-Fazzari-Haiti-Trip“I can’t imagine anything else I would rather have done with my Spring Break. I learned and experienced a lot, and am very thankful that BeLikeBrit and my school gave me this opportunity.” – Andrew Fazzari