BLUE Crew II – Williamson, WV & Washington, DC

All of the students who are attending this trip are graduates of the BLUE Crew I and BLUE Crew II programs, which are leadership skills building programs that take place over two separate semesters.  BLUE Crew graduates are well versed in all of Becker College’s Core Values: excellence, integrity, accountability, creative expression, community and diversity, and social responsibility.  This final trip is a culmination of actualizing the Core Values, most especially Social Responsibility.

The March 7th – March 14th, 2015 trip will be to Williamson, West Virginia.  Students and staff members will be volunteering with Sustainable Williamson which is a program that works to create a replicable sustainable community model for low-wealth communities throughout Central Appalachia.  The goal of the program is to build replicable strategies in networks like community health, food systems, sustainable energy generation, and local sustainable tourism through service projects done through volunteers working with community stakeholders.

Examples of possible service projects at Williamson may include: building raised bed community gardens or green houses; updating and rehabilitating local bike and walking trails; running health education workshops; and assisting with seasonal harvesting and cider production.  This program is overseen by Amizade, and is a community-driven service opportunity, meaning that the projects are based on the needs of the community at the time of service.