What does Social Responsibility mean to the Blue Crew II Team?

By Kerry Saltvick
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There are 7 billion people on this planet. With that, every single day, life has the ability to be created and ended at the exact same time. That’s 7 billion people who have the chance to do something good, not just for humans, but, for the world at large. Social responsibility is the kindling that creates the fire of passion, and passion is what drives us to keep living. Without a good deed done by ourselves or someone else to us, our fires would be gone. And while that means the Earth has 7 billion chances at one moment (for there are lives created and lost for as long as humans exist), each of us only have 1 chance to do something. 1 chance to dedicate our lives to our passion. 1 chance to impact this earth, for better or worse before we leave it.

By Ray Sgambati
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Social Responsibility should be a staple in our society today. We need to have an understanding of what is necessary in the world in order to be able to help with a greater cause. It is also important to be a part of a large team and work together to overcome the negative issues in the world. Community and Diversity is another Core Value that ties in closely with Social Responsibility. I believe we need to learn to respect everyone and work towards a society that embraces equality. Only through working on a team with diverse people can we move towards equality.

By Rich Metellus
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It’s a self-evident fact that since I am part of society, I must contribute to its’ well-being by being a responsible citizen, doing my best to help individuals and organizations in order to benefit society at large. Social Responsibility helps balance the economy on a smaller scale, meaning that every individual can participate in making our society better.

By Savannah Scarlett
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Social responsibility is lending a helping hand when it is needed to our neighbors and even to strangers. In order to enhance lives of others, we have to make it our responsibility in order to allow them to reach their full potential; like Becker has allowed me to reach my full potential. Social responsibility helps communities grow; individuals grow, and can help myself grow as well.

By James Curtin
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Social Responsibility means that one should be aware of what is happening around them with in both their community and the world, and to do what they can to better both.


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